The humanitarian tragedy which accompanied recent migratory waves has shaken everyone’s conscience, but discussing the attention paid to the developing world, to the arrivals of immigrants on Mediterranean coastlines or to the crossings from Mexico to the USA, would mean partially tackling the problem. For this reason, the Laboratory of the future seeks to broaden the perspective of analysis by observing the demographic processes in an overall perspective. The discussion is not only about contingent issues, but the great global movements, the increase in world population, the decrease in births in many Western countries, the ageing of part of the population. These affairs are closely interconnected with other major planetary problems: the environmental crisis, the development of new technologies, the decreased need for human labour.
The deepening of demographic issues in relation to other related contemporary themes places the migration problem in a broader andless chaotic vision, thereby removing the simplification to which it is often subjected.
Photo by Mike Chai from Pexels
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